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Underground Infastructure & Electric Construction Services

What We Do

A leading underground infrastructure and electric construction services based in Livermore, California. We perform utility joint trench work with an emphasis on power, telecom and gas distribution for both residential and commercial applications. We also specialize in traffic signal installation, as well as site and street lighting.

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Project Types


MCH is a fully integrated solution, providing and installing all the nescessary components needed to complete projects end-to-end. We work with General Contractors, Architectural firms, Developers, Civil Engineers, and Utility companies to deliver projects of the higest quality and workmanship.

Utility Joint Trench

for electrical telecom gas, fiber, optic, and CAT6

Rule 20 and 15 installation

Overhead to underground conversion

Underground wet utilities

For storm, sewer, and water

site and street

Traffic signals

Overhead to underground conversion

Electric Conductor

Pulling and splicing